IKEA – Jonsberg – Vase – Terracotta – Hella Jongerius – PS 2005

With the PS Jonsberg vase, designed by the Dutch designer Hella Jongerius, IKEA brought an outright hit on the market. The collaboration made Dutch Design affordable for everyone. More than 13 years later, the IKEA Hella Jongerius Vase is no longer for sale in shops, but that does not detract from the popularity of this iconic product.

The request to Jongerius to provide a design for IKEA did not come out of the blue. Around that time, in 2005, IKEA was dealing with an image problem. The company was associated in the media with inappropriate practices in third world countries. Given Jongerius’ previous third-world projects with Master’s students from the Design Academy, she was a suitable candidate to participate in the third IKEA PS collection, which contained the necessary ‘honest intercultural’ products.

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