How it all started: we had a lot of time on our hands during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and we always had a weak spot for thrift shops, which of course were closed. Therefor we came up with the idea to try and find our own vintage treasures all over the country (and even a little bit abroad) to give them a second life and more affortable for everyone.  

We know IKEA for a couple of decades now and are aware of the groundbreaking designs they’ve had over the years. They worked with some of the biggest designers (and still are). We strive to list the best objects on our website combined with their advertisement in the IKEA catalogue of that year to supply you with the best information. 

Too much furniture is being discarded in todays society and therefor our mission is to make sure that these great designs are salvaged and displayed so everybody can find a cool statement piece for in their own home.

Founder / Interior designer

Probably the most creative person you ever going to meet.

Berend Post
Founder / Chief of cool stuff

Trying to keep up with Irina’s ideas.


There’s probably nothing he can’t fix.