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Throwback Thursday – May 2023

The Poäng chair is probably one of the all time best sellers. Most people know [...]

Throwback Thursday – April 2023

1957 was the year everything went from black & white to bright colours. The IKEA [...]

Throwback Thursday – March 2023

Gillis Lundgren is one of the top designers who worked with IKEA. A good example [...]

Throwback Thursday – February 2023

1964 was the first year the famous Cikada chair was listed in the IKEA cataolgue. [...]

Throwback Thursday – January 2023

The very first IKEA catalogue came out in 1950. It was totally different and had [...]

Throwback Thursday – December 2022

We have a soft spot for vintage IKEA shelve units. They’re just… different in a [...]

Throwback Thursday – November 2022

1977 was the first year that the Natura chair was listed in the IKEA Catalogue. [...]

Throwback Thursday – October 2022

1976 was the year that the Kontiki chairs and sofa really were popular. They’ve been [...]

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