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Throwback Thursday – December 2023

This is a page of the 1990 catalogue with all Stoja items on it. This [...]

Throwback Thursday – November 2023

The catalogue of 1983 is the first year the Bogen table was listed. The table [...]

Throwback Thursday – October 2023

Some items are a bit more modern, but nevertheless highly sought after. This cabinet is [...]

Throwback Thursday – September 2023

This chair is designed by the Dutch designer Monica Mulder and came in a couple [...]

Throwback Thursday – August 2023

A great example of a colorful statement piece is this chair. In 1983 IKEA listed [...]

Throwback Thursday – July 2023

Another great example of something that became really valueable. This is the Lövet table and [...]

Throwback Thursday – June 2023

The Skopa chair and table were designed by Ole Gjerlov-Knudsen & Torben Lind in 1970 [...]

Throwback Thursday – May 2023

The Poäng chair is probably one of the all time best sellers. Most people know [...]

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